Syrian Virgin olive oil first time 10 liters


Olive oil virgin Syrian excellent first time 10 liters

What is pure or virgin olive oil?

Pure olive oil is the one that is applied in the cold pressing method which is called the eldest and is the best quality, and in this compression process the oil is extracted at temperatures below 38°c, without adding chemicals.

The amount of oil extracted here is lower, making it more expensive than the oil extracted by the hot pressing process

Benefits of oils for health
They are a source of building cell membranes and sex hormones.
A source of soluble vitamins in oils such as: E, A, D and K. These vitamins need oils because they melt in fat and not in the blood.
The fat available in it supplies the body with important fatty acids, which the body cannot produce alone.
Increases skin elasticity & regenerates skin tissues
There is no doubt that oils improve food, and the best types of oils are pure or virgin olive oil.

What are the benefits of Syrian virgin olive oil?
The benefits of olive oil and its qualities make it one of the best available oils, and these are its various benefits:

1-rich in healthy fats
Most oils contain fats of all types (monounsaturated, multi-unsaturated, saturated fats), but pure olive oil has the highest amount of unsaturated monounsaturated fats by 82% and contains only 10% unsaturated fats, and these fats:

are more stable than other types of unsaturated fats.
does not cause the accumulation of cholesterol.
Are the favorites in the food.
2-fighting cholesterol and promoting heart health
Monounsaturated fats reduce the level of “bad cholesterol ” (LDL) that causes cholesterol deposition in the arteries, lowers blood pressure and prevents heart disorders.

3-rich in vitamin E
Pure olive oil contains vitamin E, which some believe has similar properties to linoleic acid, and linolenic acids are found in omega-3 in fish oil.

But it must be remembered that olive oil does not contain some important fatty acids that the body cannot manufacture by itself, and therefore cannot be the only oil we use.

4. Anti-Aging
The benefits of olive oil are naturally used to combat aging (anti-AGING) and treat certain skin diseases that come naturally with age.

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