Sidr Honey Mountain with royal Jelly 600 gms

Sidr Honey Mountain with royal Jelly 600 gms

Sidr Honey Mountain with royal Jelly 600 gms

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7.700 د.ك


Sidr Honey Mountain with royal Jelly

Some benefits
Strengthening of the nervous system
Increase physical and mental activity
To resist fatigue
Nourishing and general tonic in recovery period
Strengthens the body’s immune system
Sexual tonic
Activates glands
Prevents the diseases of the age especially diabetes
Relieves cough and coughing
Useful in cases of infertility so that the fertility increases in men and women
Very useful for liver and prostate diseases
Benefits of Sidr Honey
Sidr honey is the honey produced by bees by feeding it on the nectar of Sidr trees known as Buckthorn, which is mentioned in the Qur’an, which is a perennial tree….
The Sidr tree (scientific name: Sidr jujube, Buckthorn) is an ancient species of trees. The jujube was the first tree to be eaten by Adam (peace be upon him) when he was brought down to earth. This tree was used during the King Suleiman (Peace be upon him) and the days of the pharaohs to build palaces and temples. This flexible tree is also a sacred tree because it has been mentioned four times in the Qur’an. It was mentioned in Surat Saba as a tree of land while it was mentioned in the other wall as a tree in Paradise (Sidra ending). This tree was mentioned by Allaah to demonstrate its beauty, power and greatness (Sura Saba al-verse 15-16; Surah al-Waqaya 27-33; Surah al-Najm, verse 7-18). It is also a fixed tree with deep roots that resisted the devastating floods that swept the people of toss in Morocco along with two other types of trees: the Tamarisk tree and the mustard tree. (Sura Saba al-verse 15, 16)
Sidr honey is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acid methylleuxal. When comparing Sidr honey with other species available in the world market in terms of quality, we find that it contains the lowest percentage of water that not only increases the strength of the immune system but also increases the conservation period.
What is Royal food?
Royal food is the special milk that the queen of bees feeds into the hive and is excreted by the bees and then directly to the Queen and as a result of his unique influence the Queen acquires the ability to lay eggs and in huge amounts of up to/2000/egg daily which is equivalent to twice the weight as the Queen acquires the result of this food age Extended up to/4 years for the age of no more than/4/months for the working bee that the only difference between the working bee and the Queen bee is to eat the royal food just so that if the bee treated the royal food to be transformed into a queen and gained the ability to lay eggs.
What is the effect of royal food on man?
It is clear that royal food affects the bee on special cells then it has the ability to produce certain hormones related to the ability to put eggs (fertility hormones), and other size related (The Queen is greater than the working twice) and other related to age (the Queen lives more than a worker by ten Fold) and that these hormone-secreting cells are heavily activated by the presence of royal food.
From here we understand the effect of the royal food on the human, when the bee only has these three hormones to secrete the human we find many brakes affect all its activities and events, waking up with hormone and sleep with hormone and diet with hormone and immunity hormone and his happiness with hormone and his emotions with hormone and anger With a hormone and build his bones and muscles with a hormone and so on…. The royal food affects all cells that have hormonal secretion, activates them and increases their effectiveness-an unknown mechanism-and puts them in higher energy and the wonder that this effect lasts a relatively long time after the suspension of royal food and the result the user finds for royal food that his activity and his muscles stronger and his sleep His deepest, most inshirah, most beautiful, most powerful, more vigilant, lighter nation and his interaction with his society have been fuller and in general his health is better even in small doses of royal food.

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