Propolis Capsules

Propolis Capsules

Propolis Capsules

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8.000 د.ك

Propolis Propolis Capsules (Bee gum)

Dietary supplement

500mg * 65 Capsules

Bee gum is used to help improve overall health.

Ingredients: Bee Gum Center 100 mg (equivalent to 500 mg fresh bee gum), bee Wax 15 mg, soy oil 117 mg, coconut oil 20 mg, gelatin 84 mg, glycerin 45.4 mg, Alfa Tokuvir, Lissthane.

No preservatives, alcohol free

Made in Australia


Propolis (Bee gum) Capsules 500mg * 65 kg using bee gum to help improve overall health. The method of the use of one capsule or two capsules of propolis, two or three times the frequency of: on those who suffer from allergies or asthma using the product Under the supervision of a physician. Warning: The product contains royal jelly which may cause severe allergic reactions in rare cases especially in asthma patients and anaphylaxis. Ingredients: Bee Gum Center 100mg (equivalent to 500 mg fresh bee gum), beeswax 15 mg, soy oil 117 mg, coconut oil 20 MG, gelatine 84 mg, glycerin 45.4 mg, alpha Tokuvir, Lipthin. Storage: Stored at a temperature below 30 °c There are preservatives, free of the products made in the Astraliavas of Propolis capsules (bee-growing) antibiotic, because it contains alflavoniod compounds. and bacteria. Treatment of inflamed skin burns. Enhances the functioning of the immune system within the body and raises its level. Treats allergies of all kinds, in contrast, it causes allergies to all people who are allergic to bee products. Maintains oral hygiene and prevents disease, because it contains antimatter For microbes, it also protects the tooth from decay, and shields the gums from wounds, infections and sores. Relieves eye injury with glaucoma, combats corneal inflammation of the eye. Limit cancer cells and reduce their growth, because it contains fatty acids, flavonoids and aromatic acids, and prevents nasal cancer and throat. Prevents bacterial respiratory tract infections and accompanying influenza, and a cold. Protects males from infertility, combats infections of the reproductive system. Maintains heart health and prevents hardening of the arteries, the anterior left coronary artery, and heart clots. The body is relieved of harmful free radicals. Shields the nervous system from the effect of cerebral ischemia. Handles both: Skin sores, skin allergies, gastric ulcers, digestive disorders, intestinal infections, tuberculosis, colds, headaches, ear infections and larynx. Lowers the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood, and raises its good level. Preserves hair’s beauty, strengthens, increases intensity, combats breakage, treats alopecia, resists fungi and bacteria in the scalp and makes them clean. Acne is treated in the skin and removes black spots. Breast milk increases breastfeeding, reduces infant colic, and accelerates the healing of the wound of the uterus and the uterine imperium. Delay the appearance of signs of aging. The menstrual cycle is reduced because it lowers and adjusts the elevated hormones. Preserves the level of natural glucose in the blood and increases the activity of the secretion of the pancreas gland. Soothes chronic articular pain, repairs tissues.

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