Palestinian olive oil 3.800 liters

Palestinian olive oil 3.800 liters

Palestinian olive oil 3.800 liters

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16.750 د.ك

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Advantages of Palestinian olive oil

Olive Type: The oil is extracted from the finest and finest olive fruits around the world, such as the olive and Syrian olives.
Method of harvesting: Using hand, the manual method is used to harvest the olive fruit from the trees.
Date of harvest: The fruits of the olive tree are picked at a date determined by the Ministry of Agriculture, according to the date of flowering of the olive trees, and the amount of rainfall during the year, so that the fruit has become ripe, and become rich in oil, phenol, and chlorophyll, which gives the oil the color and taste fine.
Age method: The physical methods of the era of olive fruits, such as pressure and age, are used.
The period between the harvest and the age is very small, because of the availability of many contemporary in Palestine, and therefore the fruit is not exposed to different color or corruption.
Organic Palestinian olive oil: pesticides or chemical fertilizers are not used in most areas where olive trees are found.
Benefits of olive oil for hair

The benefits of olive oil for hair olive oil contains fatty acids that include oleic and linoleic acids, which are nourishing acids for hair and scalp, plus it is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals harmful to healthy cells, and contribute to aging The early and the appearance of the gray hair, here comes the role of olive oil which protects the follicles and maintains its health and strength. Olive oil is a emollient that is applied to the hair, which makes the hair shiny and elastic, and we will remind you with more of its benefits, including: Treatment of damaged hair combats the peeling and dry scalp. Strengthens & Enhances hair growth

Keeps hair healthy gives hair shine and strength when used as a pre-shampoo treatment

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