Kyrgyz White Honey 500g

Kyrgyz White Honey 500g

Kyrgyz White Honey 500g

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10.000 د.ك


Kyrgyz White Honey

Nutritional value of white honey
White Honey has a high calorie intake of 64.
It is a fat-free hotel.
Contains carbohydrates by 17.30.
Contains 8 fibers.
It is not considered rich in proteins with a ratio not exceeding 0.06.
Cholesterol is 6.
What characteristics characterize white honey?

Milky white color.
Light and waxy flavor.
Contains material that makes it spread.
It tastes less sweet, which makes it perfect with toast.
It is recommended to be stored at low temperature to maintain its nature.
Benefits of White Honey:
Perfect for baking:

The ability of white honey to retain moisture makes it the best for baking.
The mild taste makes it the best alternative to sugar for those who do not prefer the very sweet taste.
Good source of foodstuff:

Like other types of honey, white honey is also rich in nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.
Sugars found in honey provide a good source of energy.
Taking a spoonful of white honey early in the morning not only enhances the body’s energy but also a gentle taste to revive your mouth in the morning.
Resists aging: A good warrior for the effects of aging in the face and neck.

A good antidote to anxiety situations: reduces anxiety and tension.

A good memory catalyst: Strengthens the work of memories especially in the advanced stages of the age.

Strengthens the heart muscle:

Treats cardiovascular disease.
Prevents heart disease.
Prevents high blood pressure
It is considered a treatment for hypotension.
Prevents the occurrence of angina.
Respiratory tract Infections:

Improves respiratory performance and combats infections.
Cough dwelling.
Repellent to the Balgham.
Recommended for patients with asthma and pulmonary tuberculosis
Kidney inflammation:

In particular, it handles the formation of gravel in the kidneys and bladder.
Treat acute and chronic kidney inflammation.
prescribed for the treatment of bladder ulcers.

Plays an important role in the treatment of reproductive system problems.
Described to improve cases of sexual dysfunction.

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