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Bee bread

The prevailing belief in the interpretation of the Qur’anic verse {a syrup of various colors in which healing of the people) was that the intention here is honey only in different colors according to the source of nectar that the honey of white or yellow or dark color and that honey bee is the only food produced by the richest bees in the ingredients which the human body needs to feed and strengthen and heal.
Then soon humans discovered the beeswax which produced the liquid first and then turned into wax.
Then the discovery of the proplus of the smell collected by the bees, which is the secret to protect the beehive from all the health hazards that beset it, whether due to the weather or the environment or germs because of the powerful defensive force that prevents the reproduction of every harmful organism in the beehive and thereby outweigh the usefulness of each Antibiotics are man-made and at the same time support the immune power of the beehive and therefore used by the Elders to support human immunity when you try.
Then the man discovered the poison of bees and found in it a very great benefits for humans if it is eaten or used in human medicines.
He then discovered the pollen collected by the bees from the center of the flowers and some changes and added the enzymes to turn into a very great food filled with all kinds of enzymes, vitamins, mineral salts and proteins… Which keeps human health and activity for a long time if it is constantly addressed.
Then the man discovered the secret behind the strength and the double size of the Bee queen from the rest of the bees and whitening her entire life without stopping with her ability to manage the kingdom accurately and ideally, they found that the secret lies in these drops of white food and the taste of the acid that bees make from nature in the composition of Riba The intention of humans is not to do the same as they have been unable to count and know their many components and secrets so far, and has enjoyed the treatment of kings and wealthy people around the world because of its scarcity and expensive to pre-breeding bees and then find the technique of producing royal food.
And now he’s discovering a real product. Bee Products (bee bread), which he rightly called in the entire pharmacy faculties in the universe so that the bee collects all the products mentioned above with its many amazing compounds, so that it is a unique divine paste and then stored in the cells of the cell, to feed the young and therefore It is essential that this food be integrated to provide small bees with the necessary ingredients and materials for growth and therefore it is considered one of the best natural food sources it is rich in beneficial microfiche (progestin) and proteins in the simplest forms and most digestible and absorbed and metabolized so that it consists Protein, free amino acids and vitamins including phenanate (b) and folic acid, approximately 40% of its ingredients, and the bee bread contains many of the nutrients that the rest of the other animal food products lack, the bread bees richer than any other animal source of protein It contains more amino acids than beef, eggs or cheese and is in the form of free amino acids ready for direct use by the body. It is important to know that one bee requires eight hours of work per day for a month to collect a teaspoon of pollen and that this amount contains more than two and a half billion flower pollen granules that the bee sorts special enzymes on it to transform it into an integrated diet for young bees. The holy Verse can be interpreted to mean that the blood (syrup of various colors) means its different sections or types and includes all of those products mentioned above and the property of healing also belongs to all those products.

Some of the benefits of bee bread
A natural antihistamine that prevents and combats allergies.
Natural anti-cancer
A rich source of vitamins, minerals and natural amino acids
A natural tonic and increases the energy and vitality of the body
Improves and regenerates glands, body cells and skin
Works to get rid of the bad cholesterol
Protects blood veins and lowers varicose veins
Helps the body to produce antibiotics to fight diseases
Helps to rid the liver of toxins
Improves prostate function, increases activity and sexual desire, restores ovarian function and activates hormones, helping in the process of fertilization and pregnancy.
How to use bee bread
They can be added to natural juices, milk or yogurt, sprinkled on a honey-painted piece of bread, sprayed on salads or fruit, or placed in various sandwiches or pies, preferably taken directly. A tablespoon or two a day.

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