Kuwaiti Sader Honey

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Kuwaiti Sader Honey

Kuwaiti Sader Honey

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Sidr honey is the honey that bees produce by feeding it on the nectar of Sidr trees known as buckthorn.

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Al-Sidr Honey

al-Sidr honey is the honey produced by bees by feeding it on the nectar of Sidr trees known as Buckthorn, which are mentioned in the Qur’an, which is a perennial tree. It is one of the finest honey and is preferred by the herbal therapists since the foot in the work of therapeutic mixtures or tonics for the speed of its results compared to other types of honey, and comes with various types of each of its characteristics and characteristics, all of which attracted the attention of researchers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who They conducted several experiments on honey samples from all over the world (available in the Saudi market) and found that Sidr honey has a high percentage of minerals.
The Sidr honey is characterized by its light golden color, but it tends to redness over time and smells of Sidr especially when new production and fresh reminds you of the same fragrant and aromatic scent that smells of cedar (buckthorn) in October when the flower season of Seder. The Sidr honey differs from one region to another with a taste, color, odor and intensity and is similar in that it smells good and tasty. Sidr trees are located in Saudi Arabia in the vicinity to Yemen where the kingdom of Sheba “The home of Sidr with the evidence of Qur’anic verse No. 16 of Surat Saba” and something from Sidr Every valley of the valleys of Yemen has tales and stories with Sidr and its honey and each of its types is characterized by certain qualities of quality and prices that may sometimes be fictional. One of the most popular areas in Yemen is the production of Sidr honey, and the reason for excellence is that the Seder season does not have any other flowers. Like other honey, Sidr honey needs intensive care from beekeeping to production through the stages of packaging, sampling and storage so that it does not suffer damage and corruption or change its quality, because honey is a very sensitive substance that changes with the slightest degree of negligence or error in treatment, and may turn into a substance Sometimes harmful to health.

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