Acacia flower Honey

Acacia flower Honey

Acacia flower Honey

د.ك 7.000

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د.ك 7.000

One Flower Honey

From cell to Box

Natural Raw Honey (unpasteurized) from the cell to the enclosure

• Non-preheated • Non-heated • unfiltered

On the scent of the flower and its refreshing taste and flavor of honey and on its efficacy in the treatments and its antioxidant properties and on its effective strength in the elimination of and viruses germs, also retains its nutrients of minerals and enzymes and its characteristic in detoxification of the body and protect it from diseases. So this Honey may take shape (it freezes) partially or completely and turns into granules or fat, and it is OK to eat it in this form but after mixing with the spoon, or put the can in a pot boiling water for about an hour, and after melting the can be placed directly for an hour in the refrigerator because the continued presence of the heat in the honey hurts him

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Weight 250 g


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